Hackers Next Door

Event Policies

TL;DR: Hackers Next Door is a Tech Learning Collective event, and as such the same policies enforced at all Tech Learning Collective events are also strictly enforced at the Hackers Next Door conference. Specifically and in brief, this means:

As with all Tech Learning Collective events, our team aims to implement an environment that is purposefully crafted to remove cultural obstacles impeding our ability to learn and work constructively together in a self-directed way. To this end, this page and our Social Rules document makes explicit what is otherwise a set of implicit social norms that veteran collective members are already accustomed to.

At larger events such as the Hackers Next Door conference, we further aim to foster an environment of communal responsibility and encourage participants to horizontalize and decentralize the enforcement of our Social Rules amongst themselves.

Participant agreements and policy enforcement details

TL;DR: For the future we are creating together, we should not need to metaphorically or literally police our space, but we will not hesitate to do so in order to get there from here.

As Tech Learning Collective events (including the Hackers Next Door conference) takes place in privately-owned spaces (not public space), the buck ultimately stops with Tech Learning Collective and venue host staff.

We explicitly reserve the right to refuse entry or continued participation in the event to any person for any reason and will not hesitate to exercise this ability as we and we alone deem necessary. If a participant is asked to leave the premises by a Tech Learning Collective or venue host staff member, we will not hesitate to use all legal means available to us to ensure that they comply.

Participants should take note that we are not shy about exercising force when we need to. Again, we are willing and able to use any and all legal means available to us to enforce our event policies.

Additionally, we have no patience for “rules-lawyering,” excessive interruptions, disruptive actions, disrespectful comments, condescending attitudes, or any other behavior that we feel negatively impacts our shared space and time together. If you have attended our regular workshops, you may already be quite familiar with our badass staff’s take-no-bullshit attitude. Learn more about Tech Learning Collective staff.

Our vision is one in which:

Once again, please closely read our Social Rules if you have not already. Tech Learning Collective takes its mission extremely seriously and we expect participants to be at least as serious as we are about nurturing an environment free of unnecessary obstacles to getting shit done. Anyone who demonstrates that they are not right here with us about that will be reminded that they are welcome to attend a different event instead of this one.