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December 14, 2019 from 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM

Profile photo for Nabil Hassein Presented by Nabil Hassein

Overview of Abolitionist Work and its Roots in Older Struggles

Organizers with the No New Jails NYC campaign will present an overview of the past year and change of our abolitionist work (and its roots in older struggles), both inside and outside of the formal land use process, and will outline some future priorities to continue the fight against the construction of new jails and for a future of freedom for our communities, notwithstanding the decision of the political establishment to recommit NYC to an indefinite future of cages for humans. The discussion of the current status of our work and struggles in general will lead to a participatory discussion with the audience about our imaginaries of the future and our roles in bringing those visions for liberation into existence.

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